1990 AR

  • Make: AviationGSE
  • Model: 1990 Aviation Refuelers
  • Category: Aircraft Refueler 
  • Year: 1990
  • Dimensions: L: , W: , H: , W:
  • Flow rate 600gpm

  • 5th edition, M-100 filtration

  • Defuel and de-drum capability

  • Water slug valve

  • Brooks meter calibrated and certified (usgpm)

  • New hoses and nozzle’s with certification paperwork

  • Scully overfill protection
Aluminum tanks

  • 6 cylinder Cummings diesel turbo engine with Allison automatic transmission 

  • All trucks have all maintenance performed, (complete brake overhaul hoses, etc.)  

  • All trucks currently in service
  • All brakes, bearing, races, hardware, drums, brake hose new 

  • All seals replaced on tank and pumping unit

  • Driveline’s rebuilt

  • PTO/Pumps zero timed and overhauled

  • Complete new paint 

  • Coolant systems belts, hoses, radiator, thermostat replaced or rebuilt

  • Internal and external tank inspection and pressure tested

  • DOT/COMAR Inspected

  • Interiors redone

  • All flow control valves rebuilt or replaced
  • New grounding reels

  • New fire extinguishers

  • 306 certified aluminum tank- 6,000 gallons

  • Trucks will run on Jet A and do NOT have DPFs (diesel particulate filters). These are both excellent selling features.
Overwing reel included on some units and available as an extra to others.