Diesel 2000 Series Aviation GSE

  • Make: AviationGSE
  • Model: Diesel 2000 Series Aviation GSE GPU
  • Category: DC GPU
  • Year: —-
  • Dimensions: 60”L x 49”W x 54”H; W:975lbs. 
  • DC OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Standard 28.5VDC with 12VDC available as an option.
  • DC OUTPUT AMPERAGE: 3,045 cranking amps; 200 amps for pre-start operations.
  • DC OUTPUT CABLE: 20' of 4/0 cable with 3 pin aircraft plug.

  • AC INPUT CABLE: 50' if hangar power option is ordered; customer provides plug.
  • STANDARD PANEL METERS: Volt, Amp, and State of charge (3 meters total).
  • MOBILE UNIT: Unit is very easily be maneuvered by hand or tug. It comes standard with a minimum of 12” Pneumatic tires (2 rigid/2 swivel) and a simple kick stand brake that lifts the front with the tow handle when tow handle is raised in the upright position. Pneumatic 16” tires with Heavy Duty undercarriage with tapered bearings available with & without brake as an upgrade option.


  • AVAILABLE OPTIONS: 12vdc output, brake, 120/240 VAC household type power with the unique ability to power inside from hangar power without the engine running. Pneumatic 16” tires, tapered bearings, and brake. 
  • Available Options:
  • Additional Outlet (12v or 28v)
  • Upgrade to 16” Pneumatic tires
  • Brake for 16” Pneumatic tires
  • Ability to power from Hangar
  • Since our dual ability for input power is so unique many don't quickly grasp the concept.
  • Most customers think of GPU equipment as either hangar OR engine powered as most present day machines are, however, our machines can be powered by both independently from each other. With this option customers can use their machine when close to hangar power without their engine running, hence no nauseating or dangerous toxic fumes. Also, no nuisance noise but a peaceful quiet atmosphere. When away from hangar power this same machine becomes totally self sufficient and powers from its own internal diesel engine.
  • Another benefit from this option is that they now have 220 and 110 volt household type of power which can be used on the ramp for vacuum cleaners, lights, air conditioners, and tools. It is also a nice back up power for the hangar especially if doors are electrically powered. 
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